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Authentication Technologies

A growing demand for ID documents combining reliability and easy authentication

In a world constantly needing to address the issue of securing external borders, the reliability of ID documents and the need to allow them to be authenticated easily by all law enforcement agencies is a major concern.Thus, level 1 high security features, identifiable at a glance, remain the priority demand of national authorities.

Polycarbonate: a must-use raw material

With its durability, resistance to delamination and personalization possibilities inside the core of the card, polycarbonate has become the world standard for new generations of ID documents. It is gradually replacing traditional fiduciary paper. The use of this polymeric material allows the integration of transparent areas in ID documents, such as windows: this new type of security feature is becoming a standard.

Credit DeLaRue

CST introduces 2 innovative security features

O.V.M Fiduciary Polycarbonate

C.S.T introduces the first Fiduciary Polycarbonate exclusively dedicated to ID documents. Secured in its core with O.V.M technology, the PC allows level 1,  2 and 3 protection.

O.V.M Fiduciary Inks

C.S.T introduces the O.V.M Fiduciary inks. On transparent areas if ID documents, they dote the printed patterns with previously unknown visual effects that are observable in level 1,2 and 3.

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