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Revelation Milipol 2013

Used by

  • 100% of french forensic labs

  • FBI

  • Scotland Yard

  • German Police

  • ...

A breakthrough technology for latent fingerprint development


Lumicyano allows, with a one-step process, the revelation of fluorescent fingerprints in standard fuming chambers. It removes the post-processing stage of dyeing or dusting with powder : fingerprints are fluorescent immediately.

For numerous forensic forces using Lumicyano throughout the world, this technology is highly time saving and allows an increased efficiency. Indeed, traditionally used latent prints development protocols (fuming + dyeing) need upto 48 hours and alter irremediably DNA. With Lumicyano, forensic experts can develop latent prints in less than 30 minutes, while maintaining DNA sampling possible thus allowing rapid double identifications (papillary then biological) on a single print.


  • Fuming & Fluorescent dye-staining in one step in less than 30 minutes

  • Level 3 ridge details

  • DNA sampling compatible

  • Operates in all fuming chambers

  • Can be used directly at crime scene

Technical note

The Lumicyano process requires the combined use of Lumicyano Powder and Lumicyano Solution.

Lumicyano has been especially designed to show fingerprints with a stronger brightness and to develop high level detailed fingerprints under optimal conditions. There is also a minimized risk to over glueing ; this provides better results than classical cyanoacrylate, post-treatment dyes or powders.

Lumicyano can be used instead of classical cyanoacrylate in fingerprint development sequence. It is therefore fully compatible with post-treatments using dying agents (such as BY40 or rhodamine) and dactyloscopic powders.


In such a case, thanks to the structure and the quality of the Lumicyano polymerization, the overall results have a much better quality than results obtained using a classical cyanoacrylate to start the development sequence.

For further informations regarding distribution and availibilty,  please contact us.

CST - Fingerprint  - Copie
CST - Adhésif 2
CST - Empreinte Sac Plastique 1
Empreintes x200
CST - White Plastic

Demo video


The range of products

Lumicyano is available in the following conditioning:



Lumicyano Complete Kit  - Powder + Solution

LK5-100        Kit Lumicyano - 5 g Powder + 100 g Solution (5x20g)

LK1-20          Kit Lumicyano - 1 g Powder +   20 g Solution


Lumicyano Powder

LP5                Lumicyano Powder – 1 Bottle 5 g


Lumicyano Solution

LS200            Lumicyano Solution – 10 Bottles x 20 g


Lumicyano Sample Kit 

LKSAMP         Kit Lumicyano - 0.5 g Powder + 10 g Solution

Lumicyano Complete Kit 

Powder + Solution  LK5-100      

The recommended concentration of the Lumicyano powder in the Lumicyano solution is 5 to 8% (8 % for stronger fluorescence). The use of the 5 g of Lumicyano powder (LP5) needs therefore 5 bottles of the Lumicyano Solution 20g.

One Lumicyano kit LK5-100 allows:

      up to 37 cycles in a 650 liter  (23 cub.ft) fuming chamber

      up to 125 cycles in a 170 liter  (6 cub.ft) fuming chamber

One Lumicyano kit LK1-20 allows:

      up to 7 cycles in a 650 liter  (23 cub.ft) fuming chamber

      up to 25 cycles in a 170 liter  (6 cub.ft) fuming chamber



Ideal Evidence Substrates


Lumicyano allows development of fingerprints on various kind of substrates


  • Non-porous :     plastic, metal, glass, adhesive surfaces (on both sides)…

  • Semi-porous :   some matt and  glossy papers…




IMPORTANT : In order to achieve satisfying results, key steps in the operating procedure

                         must be strictly adhered 


  • Adequate quantity of Solution to fume depends on the volume of the cabinet

  • Dissolving the Powder into Solution @5% ratio. Choose up to 8% for stronder fluoresence

  • Temperature of hot plate must gradually reach 120°C/250°F. Do not preheat the plate.

  • Humidity in the cabinet must be 75-80%

  • Use the right forensic light source : 325nm / 470-530nm


Follow strictly the procedure and you will develop latent marks with great results

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