O.V.M™ Fiduciary Polycarbonate

a long-awaited solution for ID documents

Polycarbonate is a relatively standard and easily available raw material. However, it does not offer all the guarantees expected from the main component of an ID document. While numerous level 1 security features exist in fiduciary paper, there is no secure polycarbonate, authenticatable at a glance without equipment.


C.S.T introduces O.V.M™ "Optical Variable Material" technology which secures the polycarbonate material, thus securing the core of the raw material.

This technology is different from conventional solutions such as pigments and taggants. It allows the creation of the first Fiduciary Polycarbonate, exclusively dedicated to ID documents.


Mainly applied in transparent polycarbonates used for the implementation of windows in ID documents, O.V.M technology enables the development of an innovative and intuitive security feature. It dotes the documents with brand new and previously unknown visual effects that are observable in level 1, 2 and 3.


This O.V.M technology is a high security feature available in several color shifts. This technology combines both Security and Design. It can be integrated to existing production processes without modification.

O.V.M  Fiduciary Polycarbonate

Makrofol® ID O.V.M Film


  • First Polycarbonate reserved  to ID documents

  • Integration without modification into existing production processes

  • Security guaranteed for the core of the raw material

  • An innovative and intuitive high security feature

  • Multi-level protection : 1 / 1+ / 2 / 3

  • Potential replacement for other security features

Makrofol® is a registered trademark of Covestro Group

a multi-level security feature

Level 1

Level 1+


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Level 2

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level 3

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O.V.M Fiduciary Polycarbonate offers a very innovative and intuitive visual effect: the transparent area of the ID document changes color according to the color of the background on which it is displayed. For example, the window appears Pink when viewed on a light background; it turns Green on a dark background. It is an innovative security feature, highly intuitive and easy to remember.

Level 2 allows authentication with a standard control device like UV lamps. They are common at border posts. The transparent area secured with Fiduciary Polycarbonate shows a very strong fluorescence under UV light.

Level 3 is controlled with laboratory equipment. Each O.V.M Polycarbonate is identifiable by a unique spectral DNA. It can be certified by C.S.T labs.

O.V.M Fiduciary Polycarbonate creates a new level of intermediate verification between level 1 and level 2. This new level is observable thanks merely to equipment readily available to the general public: the flashlight of a smartphone (or any other conventional white light source).  For example, in the light of a smartphone flashlight, the window of an ID card turns Green while its projected shadow remains Pink.

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