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July 2020 – In the media “L’Usine Nouvelle” [Made in France] Crime Science Technology : Forensic Experts rescuing Homeland Security

"L’Usine Nouvelle" business news magazine about C.S.T's major partnerships with leaders of security industries and future perspectives of the company.

March 2020 - C.S.T's Editorial Favourite « Le Mag des Territories Numériques »

"Le Mag des Territories Numériques" newspaper about CST and it’s CEO & Founder Cosimo Prete. Discover the man behind the story and future perspectives of the company.

March 2020 - C.S.T is joining Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), the global identity and secure digital services advisory body


A strong advocate of leveraging public, private and NGO-partnerships to create a safer world, C.S.T will take an active role in the SIA Document Security workgroup,

bringing in its security features expertise. The workgroup’s mission is to guide the design, manufacturing, issuance and verification of convenient and cost-effective secure documents,

a key pillar in guaranteeing the sovereignty of states and protection for citizens.


C.S.T will be exhibiting at ID4 Africa,  2 - 4 June 2020 - Marrakech, Maroc

C.S.T, a specialist in security features for identity documents and banknotes, will showcase its comprehensive offering of products at ID4 Africa show. The company is developing a range of security features with innovative visual properties that allow a quick and intuitive authentication. By combining chemical properties and optical phenomena, these technologies constitute a new generation of security features for identity documents and fiduciary titles.


Février 2020 - Corporate Venture entre C.S.T - Crime Science Technology et Covestro pour devenir leader de l’innovation dans la sécurisation des documents d’identité.

C.S.T - Crime Science Technology, pépite de la French Tech basée à Lille, propose des technologies qui révolutionnent l’industrie de la Sécurité Intérieure des états. Elle accueille à son capital l’industriel allemand Covestro : cette multinationale fabricant de matière première est un acteur majeur des films en polycarbonate utilisés dans la fabrication des documents d’identité. Grâce à ce partenariat stratégique, C.S.T souhaite opérer un changement d’échelle et accélérer le « go-to-market » international pour sa technologie O.V.M® dédiée à la sécurisation des documents d’identité et des billets de banque.

Plus d'info

August 2018 - Dans la presse...

La Voix du Nord, dans son édition du 28-08-2018, évoque la participation de CST à l'Université d'été du MEDEF et la stratégie de l'entreprise. Lire ici

August 2018 - CST will be present at EAFS 2018 (Lyon)

The 8th European Academy for Forensic Science will be held in Lyon (France) from 27 to 31st of August 2018, hosted by french forensic police and INPS. It will gather more than 1,000 forensioc experts. C.S.T will be participating and exhibiting its latest technologies

July 2018 - CST @ I.A.I 2018 Educational Conference in SanAntonio (USA)

CST will be exhibiting and will showcase Lumicyano... and new breakthrough technology at the 2018 Annual I.A.I. Forensic Educational  Conférence which will be held in SanAntonio (USA) July 30th- August 1st. Come & visit us !!!

September 2018 - CST will be present at EFPWG-ENFSI in Lausanne

CST will demonstrate its technology Lumicyano and will preview another breakthrough technology in front of forensic experts at the annual convention of European Fingerprint Working Groupe of the ENFSI (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) which will be hosted by Université de Lausanne (UNIL) in Switzerland from Sept 4th to Sept 7th. Come and visit us.

May 2018 - OVM's CST awarded best technology at M2i Disrupt Challenge 2018

OVM technology by CST was awarded best technology by the jury of M2i disrupt challenge 2018. Innovative O.V.M technology (Optical Variable Material) is used to secure ID documents, banknotes and brands, and has potentially many others applications. M2I is the  Innovative and Intelligent Materials show.  The jury was formed by prestigious company such as Total, Saint Gobain, Airbus, Bic....

New study shows the compatibility of Lumicyano and DNA analysis

A new study from the Centre for Forensic Science of the University of Technology Sydney (UTC), published in FSI -Forensic Science International magazine, compares the impact of one-step luminescent cyanoacrylate treatment on subsequent DNA analysis. It confirms the possibility to perform DNA analysis after using LUMICYANO. Read here

Jan 2018- An article about CST in MEDEF magazine

A short article about CST in INFLUX, the MEDEF magazine (the French Business Confederation Magazine).

Read here

CST will exhibit at IAI Western States Conf - LasVegas April 2018

CST will be exhibiting and will showcase Lumicyano at the 2018 International Association for Identification (I.A.I.) Western States conference which will be held in las Vegas April 29+- May 2nd 2018

Dec 2017 - CST closed a second fundraising

Dec 2017 - CST closed a second fundraising with 3 french based investment funds specialized in technology (Finovam, Fira, Nord France Amorcage) and BPI (Banque Publique d'Investissment). These 3 funds are, beside the managers, the historical investors in CST and participated in the first round. The new financial means should allow an acceleration of the developement of Lumicyano technology on export markets  and reinforce R&D investment and industrialization of a serie of innovative anti-conterfeiting technologies. 

Indian NIA visited CST R&D laboratory

An official delegation of indian NIA (National Investigation Agency) from New Delhi  visited the R&D laboratory of CST. The delegation attended a full demonstration of Lumicyano technology, the revolutionnary one-step fluorescent fuming process to developp latent prints. Lumicyano is currently used by severa renowned forensic forces around the world.

October 2016 - CST at I.A.I Europe Educational Conference (Interpol, Lyon)

C.S.T team was present at I.A.I (International Association for Identification) Europe Educational Conference. The meeting was held at the prestigious Interpol Headquarters in Lyon on October 20-21, 2016.

At this occasion, Jeremy Malinge, PhD Chemical Physics - C.S.T's R&D Manager, delivered one of the educational talks : “Lumicyano™, the one-step fluorescent fuming : current trends and ongoing developments.”

CST, au sein d'un consortium prestigieux, obtient une financement de l'Agence Nationale de la Recherche

L'Agence Nationale de la Recherche a publié les résultats de l’appel à projets générique 2016 concernant les instruments Projets de recherche collaborative - Entreprises (PRCE). Dans le cadre du Défi 9 « Liberté et sécurité de l’Europe, de ses citoyens et de ses résidents », le consortium composé de  CST-Crime Science Technology , de l’École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (UMR CNRS 8531 PPSM), du Collège de France (UMR CNRS 7574 LCMCP), de l’Institut Nationale de la Police Scientifique (I.N.P.S) et de l’Institut de Recherche Criminel de la Gendarmerie Nationale (I.R.C.G.N), fait partie des rares projets financés.

L'objet de cette mission de Recherche est de développer une nouvelle méthode de révélation d'empreintes digitales directement sur scènes de crime.

June 2016 - Lumicyano in Forensic Magazine

The scientific challenge involved in creating Lumicyano technology is presented in last issue of Forensic Magazine (June 2016), a widely distributed magazine for forensic experts in the USA. Full article here.

August 2016 - CST will exhibit at 2016 I.A.I conference

CST will be exhibiting and will showcase Lumicyano at the 2016 International Association for Identification (I.A.I.) conference which will be held in Cincinnatti next August 8-10

March 18, 2016   -   Cosimo Prete interviewé sur France Info

A l'occasion du revelé des empreintes digitales  du terroriste Salah Abdeslam dans un appartement  de Molenbeek , France Info a interviewé Cosimo Prete, Fondateur de  Crime Science Technology au titre de son expertise dans le domaine  des empreintes digitales. Cliquez sur le lecteur  pour écouter son interview.. 

January 14, 2016   -   CST welcomed a delegation from Mexican Gendarmerie

CST scientific team welcomed a delegation from Mexican Forensic Gendarmerie in charge of validating new forensic technologies. Lumicyano technology  process was performed live in CST lab in front of Mr Arturo Constantino Altuzar and Mr Arturo Lopez Bazan. The delegation was led by 2 french officials from DCI - French Ministry of Interior.

December 15, 2015   -   New packaging for Lumicyano

Lumicyano, the one step fluorescent fumigation process, is a 2 component product. It now comes into a revamped range and boxing. The new range consists of Complete Kits including both (Powder + Solution) boxed together. Two sizes of kits are available. Powder and Solution are also available separately, though are designed to work together. See full range here

December 14, 2015   -   IGNA validates compatibility of Lumicyano with DNA sampling.

The renowned forensic lab IGNA (Institut de Genétique Nantes Atlantique) publishes a scientific note explaining the protocol used to validate the compatiblity of Lumicyano with DNA sampling. Full note here.

November 30, 2015   -   CST raises funds 

CST closed a fundraising with 3 french based investment funds specialized in technology (Finovam, Fira, Nord France Amorcage) and BPI (Banque Publique d'Investissment). The new financial means should allow an acceleration of the developement of Lumicyano technology on export markets  and reinforce R&D investment in innovative anti-conterfeiting technologies. Press release here.

November 20, 2015   -   CST wins  French Ministry of Interior tender for forensic supply

CST was officially awarded the tender issued by french Minsitry of Interior to supply all Police + Gendarmerie forensic labs and Police stations. Lumicyano is now the exclusive and official fluorescent cyanoacrylate used to develop latent fingerprints in France.

November 17-20, 2015 -  CST at Milipol 2015

CST exhibited at Milipol 2015 (Paris-Villepinte). Several official foreign delegations of forensic polices, driven per french Ministry of Interior, visited the booth where Lumicyano technology was demonstrated.

September 20, 2015   -   CST at ENFSI

CST demonstrated its technology Lumicyano in front of forensic experts at the annual convention of ENFSI (European Network of Forensic Sciens Institutes) held in Barcelona (Spain)

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