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Designing molecules

for a safer worlD

Founded by a team of fiduciary and forensic experts, C.S.T develops and markets security features for identity documents and banknotes. In addition, C.S.T designs innovative processes that reveal traces and clues allowing the identification of criminals.

Forensic science & Fiduciary documents:

the dual expertise of C.S.T

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Forensic / Lumicyano

Validated by the Interior Ministry, forensic technologies developed by C.S.T are used on a daily basis by forensic experts in France. Abroad, many prestigious institutions such as the FBI or Scotland Yard have adopted the innovations of C.S.T.

Fiduciary Documents

In the fiduciary business, the company is developing a range of security features with innovative visual properties that allow quick and intuitive authentication. By combining chemical properties and optical phenomena, these technologies constitute a new generation of security features for identity documents and fiduciary titles.


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